Corgis in the Snow FUN Agenda Feb 23 2013

CCorgis only posterorgis in the Snow Outdoor Community Fun Day for Corgis & People — Sat., Feb 23, 2013 1-3pm at the Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter’s WESTPAW DOG PARK (directions)

1PM: Let the fun begin!
Have fun, and please keep your dog safe and supervised at all times! (Please be aware that you and your pet attend the event at your own risk, and GV corgi club assumes no responsibility for injuries or lost items.)

In addition to meeting and greeting corgi friends, take turns visiting each station, enter and vote on contests, and don’t miss the Great Corgi Race at 2pm! (Don’t forget to bring bag of kibble as a suggested donation to the Food Bank — and maybe bring a dollar or two for raffle and “betting,” which also benefit the Food Bank’s pet food supply.)

    Say hi to your corgi pals and enjoy your own toys and toys provided by Barkenhowell’s
    Each dog can have a turn at finding 5 hot dog pieces buried in the snow-pool. Can your corgi beat the fastest time on the tote board?
    In corgi soccer, the only rule is “play nice!” The corgis make the rest of the rules. Have fun!
    Don’t forget to enter the raffle to win a great prize! Prizes will be announced after the Great Corgi Race!
    Corgis are highly accomplished shedders!
    1. From 1-2pm, brush your corgi and save the brushings in a baggy.
    2. Write your dog’s name on the bag and clip it to the “Shedding Wall of Fame.”
    3. Vote for “Best Shedder” by writing your choice’s name on a paper slip. Include your OWN name too, to be in a free prize drawing!
    Corgis are known for their shapely behinds and mega-ears!
    Vote for your favorite corgi in each category by marking a smiley by their name on the appropriate tote board. (We’re using the honor system!)
    Sign up at the Camera Club’s table to have a photographer take a portrait or catch your corgi in action! (They can email you the photo/s.) $5 donations go to support CORGI PALS (an organization
    that helps needy pet owners cover the expense of corgi
    medical crises).

(& post parade with Michele Koenig, emcee!)
Who is the Fastest Corgi in Gallatin Valley? Let’s find out!

  1. RACERS: Sign up on the roster at the gate as you arrive. We will put a “betting jar” for your corgi at the race table.
  2. EVERYONE can place bets* any time before the race. To “bet,” purchase a betting ticket for $1. Write your name on the ticket and place it in the jar of your choice. (There is no limit to how many corgis you can “bet” on, or how many times you can “bet!”) *Bets are actually donations! They will be used to purchase pet food for the Gallatin Valley Food Bank’s pet food supply.
  3. RACERS: At 2pm come to the race table and pick up your corgi’s name tag /“racing silks”
  4. Next, there will be a post parade when “gamblers” can see the corgis on the racing field and make final “bets”
  5. Last Chance to make final votes for Cutest Corgi Bottom, Best Shedder, Biggest Ears and to buy raffle tickets!
  6. RACE TIME: (Each corgi runner will need a holder and a caller. They will all start at one end of the field with their holder, and on “GO!” the holders release them and the callers call them. The first three corgis to cross the finish line are winners!

The owners of the top 3 corgis will receive fabulous prizes!

If you “bet” on the fastest corgi, return to the race table for a doggy-bag prize. One lucky “better” will be drawn from the winning jar to receive a gift certificate!

HOSPITALITY/RESTROOMS Inside the Animal Shelter building will be snacks and restrooms. Feel free to visit adoptable pets while you’re there!

The 2013 agenda is also available in PDF format: CITS SCHEDULE

To stay in touch, like Gallatin Valley Corgi Club on facebook!


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