Corgis in the Snow Play Day Saturday Feb 23, 2013 1-3pm

Bring-dogfood Our event planning volunteers are getting the details pulled together for a fun time this Saturday, Feb. 23, 2013!

In addition to silly contests like “Who’s the best shedder?” and “Vote for the cutest corgi bottom” there will be open fetching and soccer play areas, snacks, and low-key opportunities to enjoy corgi social time. And don’t forget the “Great Corgi Race!” Corgi owners will line up on one end of the park, while friends hold the dogs at the other end. On the word “Go!” the owners will call their corgis! Will all of the corgis cross the finish line? Any? Who knows!

Whether or not you are a member of the club (which really only means that you’re on our email list — we’re a pretty easy going bunch) you’re welcome to BYO corgi, have some fun, and maybe win a prize! Camera Club of Bozeman members will also be on hand to take corgi portraits for a $5 donation to Corgi Pals (an organization that helps needy owners pay for corgi medical crises).

Even if you don’t have a corgi, you’re welcome to come out and enjoy the shenanigans, which will include “betting” for prizes on the Gallatin Valley’s first-ever Great Corgi Race! ($1 “bets” will go to purchase pet food for the Gallatin Valley Food Bank.)

Let’s reserve the limelight FOR CORGIS ONLY from 1 to 3pm in the WestPaw Dog Park on Feb 23, 2013 (though non-corgi dog breeds are welcome to enjoy other parts of the Heart of the Valley’s canine trail and park facilities during those hours).

Don’t forget: All comers, with corgi or without, are invited to bring a bag of kibble to assist the Gallatin Valley Food Bank in helping families with hungry pets! See you there!


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