Happy Holidays!


Winter is upon us and aside from the local skiers, no one loves the snow quite like our Corgis. If it weren’t for those ears, they’d be lost forever in any powder over a foot deep!  I can barely get mine to come inside at night this time of year (well, except for dinner of course) because he is FINALLY not hot and panting.

In honor of our Corgis love of snow, we do plan on organizing a ‘Corgis in the Snow’ play date sometime in late January or early February. Please feel free to email us at gvcorgiclub@gmail.com if you have any fun ideas for this event.

We leave you with a lovely Holiday poem, peace, good tidings and hope for lint rollers in your stockings.

Happy Holidays from the Gallatin Valley Corgi Club!


The Corgis’ Christmas

by Maggi Payne, Florida

‘Twas Christmas Eve, and the corgis were dressed
in red and green collars – their holiday best.
So intent on guarding the cookies and milk;
their lovely coats shone like finest silk.
The lights on the tree made the room all aglow
and sparkled like crystalline new fallen snow.

The corgis had romped and played all afternoon.
Their eyelids were heavy, and soon – very soon –
they nodded their foxy and beautiful heads,
and then settled down in their soft feather beds.

They awoke with a start at the first light of dawn
and saw that the cookies and milk were all gone.
Instead they found frisbees and plush squeaky toys,
wrapped in pink for the girls and blue for the boys.

They ripped off the wrappings, arooing with glee,
and raced out the door, all excited and free.
Round the yard they went running with each Christmas toy
and played and frapped with unbridled joy.

Was it Santa, or one of the fairies of yore,
who had slid down the chimney, eschewing the door?
The tale continues – the fairy steed mystique
still delights and enchants and continues to speak
of the magic of each corgi girl and boy
who brings us so much unfettered joy.




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