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First meeting of the Gallatin Valley Corgi Club

Gallatin Valley Corgi Club First Meeting - photo by Tiffany Feisthamel

Gallatin Valley Corgi Club First Meeting – photo by Tiffany Feisthamel

Notes from our First Meeting on August 22, 2012
We met at Mandy Messman’s place west of Belgrade with their fenced yard and nice lawn.  Steve passed out a membership list and a rough agenda that we followed:

1.  Socialize:  About a dozen corgis seemed to have a good time running around and socializing (once they figured out they were all about equal and all herders rather than herdees).  The humans also had a good time getting to meet each other.

2.  Thanks Mandy for inviting us.

3.  Steve introduced Barbara Van’t Hul who organized the corgi entry in the Sweet Pea Parade from which this group has sprung.

4.  Marla, Mandy and Tiffany were recognized for their work on the handout and graphics for this meeting.

5.  Self introductions by everyone.

6.  Steve read some suggestions from the Yellowstone Corgi Club and invited discussion of how the club should function: Formal with officers and bylaws?  Dues? Meetings? Events?   Consensus was:
– Informal – no officers and bylaws unless needed.   Do keep in mind liability concerns.
– No dues, at least not now.  Pot luck seems to work and if a few dollars are needed, people can chip in.  No need for a checking account.
– Events: Lots of ideas:
Group classes on such things as obedience (for dogs, not owners), agility courses.  Several variations on possible charity functions / community service events such as visiting retirement homes or a Christmas food drive for the food bank (including dog food for families that cannot feed their dogs).
Group outings such as the Snowfill dog park north of town (fenced and free) or maybe a bbq at the group picnic area near the entrance to Hyalite Canyon.  Perhaps have an event at the Animal Shelter and make donations that would cover an otherwise cost.  Perhaps we can use a park with a pond in the 4-Dot subdivision where Mandy lives (Mandy will check on this).
Corgis in the snow.
Corgi rescue – finding homes for corgis that need them
Belgrade Parade on September 22nd (verify).  Peggy will look into this.
– Meetings: Not regular monthly meetings.  Instead maybe two or three per year to plan things.
– Communications:   Mandy will take over the mailing list from Steve.  Marla will transform her new Facebook page into a club page.  (Marla also started a blog page.)

Having discussed all that we adjourned to enjoy pot luck appetizers and continue socializing.

-Steve Hample


Here come the corgis!

The Gallatin Valley Corgi Club got started when a woman named Barbara Van’t Hul decided it would be fun to organize a corgi march in the Bozeman Sweet Pea Parade. She called a few people, who called a few people, and before she knew it, nearly 20 corgis arrived to strut their short-legged stuff down Main Street.

Through that initial contact, lots of new corgi friends were made and soon corgis and their owners were coming out of the woodwork and asking how they could get involved. With help from Steve Hample and his corgi, Buddy, a loose-knit yet very enthusiastic club was formed. Plans are now underway to organize one or two fun charitable events and parade appearances annually.